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The RNAlab is an Open Science laboratory. We believe free and unfettered exchange of information is the most rapid means of scientific progress. Interested in collaborating? We’d love to help you achieve your research aims and/or the oppertunity to work together in realizing ours. Reach Out.

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Serratus: Ultra-deep virus discovery

Forewarned is Forearmed

Virus discovery is a fundamental step in stopping the next pandemic. We are re-analyzing all public RNA-seq data to uncover novel RNA viruses to understand the global distribution, and evolutionary origins of these pathogens.

Serratus homepage | Source | Nature Paper | ISMB22 Seminar | Q+Q Interview

macpΨ rRNA modification is widely lost in human cancer

Ribosomal RNA is the fulcrum of the central dogma of molecular biology. I discovered a highly cancer-specific single nucleotide variant (which was an RNA hyper-modification) in almost half of colorectal carcinoma patients.


Cell Reports Paper | RNA Society Talk

bioSyntax: Syntax Highlighting for Computational Biology

Grok your data with intuitive syntax highlighting for common bioinformatic file format types. Integration available for vim, gedit, less, & sublime.


bioSyntax site | Source | hackseq Project